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What’s Love to a Child?

I remember watching a Simon Sinek interview with Tom Bilyeu where Simon asked Tom the question, “Do you love your wife?” With a confident look on his face, Tom Bilyeu  answers, “Yes”. Simon responds, “Prove it”. 

It got me thinking…how do my children know that I love them? It’s one thing to say I love them but what do I do that shows them they are loved? 

Do my children feel loved by me? 

I started to think of the number of adults I’d spoken to as a parent coach who say they know their parents must have loved them but they didn’t feel loved by them. 

I didn’t Feel Loved

I thought about myself. My story of feeling unlovable and having to learn as an adult to love myself… still learning! I began to think of the reasons why I didn’t feel loved!

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard Simon say to Tom, “it’s not about the intensity of what you do for your wife but it’s about the consistency”. 

That made so much sense to me. Consistency not Intensity. 

It’s not about whether I love my children but am I consistently loving to them? Loving them should be a consistent act. 

Your Free Gift!

Together with my children, we came up with a list of actions and behaviours that made them feel loved by me as a parent.

From this insightful conversation, I created a Love Tracker which you can download for FREE. 

Love Tracker

Download our Love Tracker and add to the list by reflecting on your childhood - did you feel loved? What did your parents do that made you feel loved? 

Love Tracker
Download PDF • 169KB

Note: The point of the Love Tracker is to not feel like you have to tick every box, or judge yourself as loving or not. Instead, it is to help us to be intentional and consistent about showing acts of love to our children! 

Family together with words overlaid 'Discipline with Love'

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