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What’s Behind Sibling Rivalry

Updated: May 15

Raising siblings undoubtedly presents its fair share of surprises and hurdles.

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As a parent, I thought I was treating my children fairly until a shocking revelation rocked my world: my 4-year-old believed I favoured his older brother over him.

It all began with the older one's packed schedule of after-school activities. With no alternative childcare available, my younger child often had to tag along, returning home late and exhausted. Though he never complained, I sensed his silent dissatisfaction.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, I hired a nanny to take the younger one home while I attended to the older child's activities. Initially, it seemed like a workable solution. But then came the day that shattered my assumptions.

A phone call from the nanny, with the heart-wrenching sound of my 4-year-old's cries in the background, left me reeling. He refused to leave with her, tearfully expressing his belief that I loved his brother more.

My attempts to reason with him fell on deaf ears as he sobbed, convinced of my favouritism. In that moment, my heart sank with the realisation of how differently my actions were perceived by my child.

In the aftermath of this revelation, I witnessed the profound impact it had on their sibling dynamic. It was a wake-up call that prompted me to reassess my approach to parenting and sibling relationships.

Recognising the significant influence parents wield in shaping sibling rivalry and bonds, I embarked on a journey of intentional efforts to foster empathy, open communication, and skills-building to strengthen their relationship.

I shared my experience and learnings on my webinar titled, 'No More Sibling Rivalry' so that you too can transform sibling dynamics in your home

Looking back on the progress they've made over the years fills me with gratitude. As a parent coach, I am passionate about assisting other parents in nurturing their children's sibling bonds. Together, we can navigate the unexpected challenges of parenting and create harmonious sibling relationships built on love, understanding, and mutual respect.

  • No More Shouting

  • No More Homework Hassle &

  • No More Tantrums

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