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How Nine Minutes a Day can Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond: From manic school runs to bedtime meltdowns!

In the whirlwind of parenting, have you ever considered the impact of just nine minutes on your parent child bond? Dr. Jaak Panksepp, a respected neuroscientist, unveiled an intriguing concept that sheds light on the immense potential these brief moments hold in mindful parenting.

Within these seemingly short intervals lies the remarkable opportunity to infuse positivity, fortify connections, and create enduring memories—merely nine minutes!

Yet, for many parents, these pivotal moments often morph into the most challenging times. What should be moments of bonding swiftly transform into battles for control, leaving both parents and children feeling frustrated and disconnected.

So, when exactly are these crucial nine minutes?

1. The three minutes after their morning wake-up

2. The three minutes following their return from school or daycare

3. The three minutes before bedtime

However, here's the hurdle: these times often present challenges like morning school run, after-school collapse, and bedtime meltdown. Tantrums, demands, and power struggles tend to dominate these periods, eclipsing the potential for meaningful parent child bond.

But there's a way forward.

Through coaching numerous parents, I've witnessed the transformation of these challenging moments into opportunities for connection and growth. It's about nurturing the parent child bond, alleviating frustration, and infusing your family routine with peace and confidence.

If these moments feel overwhelming and you aspire to foster peace and tranquility,

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and together, let's elevate these moments into the highlight of your day!


Let's embark on this journey of enhancing parent child bond; improving the morning school run; and eliminating bedtime meltdown one precious nine-minute interval at a time!

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