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Are You Worried about your child's behaviour?

are tantrums getting you down?

confused about how to improve your child's behaviour?

"I help you understand the emotions behind your child's behaviour, respond appropriately, apply healthy boundaries and build a healthier relationship!"

Image of Ebiere Bolu, Parenting Coach.

"I'm a UK Qualified Teacher with 18 years experience working with children up to 18 years of age. I use my professional expertise & experience to support parents in dealing with behaviours that challenge

Taking a Break

Are you struggling to manage your child's emotional outbursts and behaviour?

Do you feel powerless when it comes to dealing with your child's tantrums?

Do you feel frustrated and helpless when trying to communicate with your teenager?


The first session was an eye opener. I had expectations of the first session but the session exceeded my expectation. Ebiere is a great listener and covered areas that I didn’t realise needed to be delved into in a relaxing conversational way. She did a great summary at the end and I could see how the pieces of the puzzle fit in and how my upbringing and past experiences subconsciously affects the way I react to my child and view issues of life.

I really got value from our session. I did exactly as we discussed, had an open and honest conversation with my daughter. At the end of the day she came up with her own reasons as opposed to my own views. The point was that she was able to make informed decision of what she wants without any form of pressure from me. Guess what!! She chose the school we both thought it’s good for her. Communication and connection were the key thing. I am really impressed. 

My session with Ebiere was great. I learnt the importance of coming up with strategies to help my child win on the behavioural front. Ebiere suggested practical strategies to use in the correction of a child. I also felt empowered to come up with practical ways to correct my child and stand up for my child in the presence of the older generation.

Imagine how peaceful and rewarding your parenting journey would be when you understand what's behind your child's behaviour, know how to set clear boundaries, deal with your difficult emotions and design a new blue print for your parenting! 

Here's what to expect!


Image of Ebiere Bolu

Free Clarity Call

30 mins

I help you discern the underlying issues and identify the key areas to focus on to see improvement in your child's handling of their emotions and your relationship with them.

Image of a session in progress


1hr and 2x1hr sessions

These sessions are designed to deal with a specific situation. We start by understanding the problem, what's worked and what hasn't and Why! Next, I explain what to do and how to go about it.

Get £20 off when you book within 48hrs of free clarity call

Bundle package of what you can get on the coaching course

Courses & Coaching

1 week to 12 week courses

Take our Discipline course, Resilience course or join our Signature program to help you raise an Authentic & Resilient child. This program includes 6 coaching sessions and comes with an 85 page guided journal.

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