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I'm Ebiere, a UK Qualified Teacher of A level Economics and Parenting Coach with 18 years experience teaching in high achieving independent schools in the UK. With my personal and professional experience I am able to quickly assess and understand what's behind a child's behaviour and create steps to help them return to their calm, happy and creative selves.

Ebiere Bolu, MA Educational Leadership and Management (with Distinction)

Owner of Learntree Ltd 


or call on 07897030349

Why I Love Coaching Parents




Hey there! I'm excited to connect and share a bit about me and what I'm passionate about.


As a parent of two energetic boys and an experienced educator of kids aged 4-18, I've been on a journey of nurturing young hearts and minds, both in and out of the classroom.

Imagine this: Your child brimming with untapped potential, endless possibilities ahead. Yet, you've felt that pang of frustration and helplessness when they grapple with emotions or academics. I've been right there with you, and it's this shared experience that drives me to guide you through this transformative ride.

My career has been a mix of lessons, growth, and victories. Along the way, I've honed the art of instilling character strengths and empowering kids to navigate their feelings. I believe that when we give them tools to handle emotions and enjoy learning, we set them up for lifelong success—in school and beyond.

But the real magic happens when YOU, as a parent, step into your own power and team up with me. Together, we'll create an unbreakable bond based on respect and unwavering love. We'll uncover what's beneath your child's behaviour, revealing the true story.


I'm here to arm you with proven strategies that transform your responses, leading to stronger connections.

Imagine what's possible when your love for your child meets my experience. We're not just a team; we're an unstoppable force. Let's embark on this journey of empowerment, growth, and shared wins. Together, we'll unlock a brighter future for your child—full of resilience, character, and endless potential.

I'm excited to walk this path together. Cheers to your child's bright tomorrow!


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