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Teaching your child is like water slowly dripping on a stone!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Some of us will admit that helping our children learn to read, write, do their times tables or clean their room can feel like watching drops of water continuously fall onto a stone without any impact. Sometimes we get frustrated and want to give up or we try to quicken the flow, but this only leads to more confusion and frustration on the part of child. We soon realise that we have to return to drops of water...

drip... drip... drip...

Well, this is what children need to help them learn most effectively. The slow, but continuous drops of information allows the child process the information, make sense of it and make it their own. They are better able to retain what it is they are learning and make further connections that help deepen their understanding.

Slow drops of water represents patience and gentleness, and the consistency tells the child that you won't give up on them - that's Love!

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Doing a little, often, regardless of whether we feel it is landing on 'deaf ears' will eventually lead to a flow of understanding, bigger than we ever thought possible. Trying different methods, different verified sources also helps, "not through force but through persistence"

Patience, Kindness, Hope are key to successful parenting!

I happily let the water drop slowly and regularly because I love to see when the stone breaks away. I look forward to that smile in their eyes, the uncontrollable leap for joy, the sigh of relief, the confidence that they can tackle more challenging problems, the excitement to show off what they've learnt, the eagerness to teach others and the desire to learn more that makes the next phase of learning easier. I love it so much that I have made it my mission to help children arrive at those moments. Let the water drop, watch the stone break away and the water flow through the crevice wherever it desires to usually ends up in a stream of knowledge.

"The constant dripping of water wears away a stone" is such a beautiful reminder that persistence and perseverance, with positive expectation eventually yields the results we long for.

Be like Water to your Child

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1 Comment

Tonwapiri Anthony
Tonwapiri Anthony
Jun 02, 2022

Thanks for this post. I've come to appreciate even more what teachers do on a daily basis. My daughter has come a long way since she started pre-school. Doing her homework with her has taught me how much I never knew she'd learned and I'm also learning to be patient with her. If she doesn't want to do her homework at a certain time - no problem. If she wants to colour a fish with red crayon it's also ok. As long as she's not feeling any pressure from me but getting my support. It's a (long) process I'm glad to be a part of.

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