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Stop apologising for your child's behaviour! 

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Normalise not explaining your child's behaviour to other adults! Stop explaining to people, stop overreacting to your child, all to appease another adult who might be uncomfortable with their behaviour!

Sit with this for a bit, embrace it, relax in it because the fact is a lot of times we overreact to our child's behaviour because we are more worried about what other adults think than what is going on with our child at that time!

These other adults include our parents, our friends, other family members, heck even strangers! We are so concerned with what they are thinking that we don't address what our child is feeling!

I say, let the adults worry about their own feelings. If my child's behaviour is making them tick, let them tick! My focus in the moment must be on connecting with my child to help them return to a calm, safe state.

I too have been guilty of this, I understand the pressure, so take this as your permission to be free of this pressure. Your child needs you when they are having a meltdown. Let the other adults manage their emotions themselves!

To the other adults: please take note, we will not worry about your emotions anymore. You're on your own 🤪

Who's with me on this?

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