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Ebiere's passion is to help parents build strong relationships with their children and repair broken connections. This could be between parent and child, adult child and parent, or adult and inner child. She uses her skills, experience and insight to help you understand how your childhood experiences are affecting your current behaviour, relationship and outcomes. By understanding the child that is still in you, she helps you bring clarity and breakthrough in areas that you may have felt stuck. 

Drawing on her professional experience and with two boys of her own, Ebiere has developed incredible insight into how a child's mind works. She is able to discern what's really behind your child's emotions and behaviour, giving you appropriate discipline tools to correctly return your child to their authentic selves. 


In her work with parents as a parenting coach, Ebiere uses her knowledge and experience of psychology, educational theory & practise, and neuroscience to help improve your child’s behaviour and your connection with them. So, if your child struggles with aggression, anxiety, or apathy please get in touch with Ebiere as she is confident that she can help you and your child.

Ebiere believes that having a sense of purpose and meaning is critical to success in life. So she equips and empowers parents to recognise and utilise the unique strengths of the child to raise them to live a life of purpose. 

Speaking Enquiry 
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Please send all speaking enquiries to to find out Ebiere's Availability.

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