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I’m Georgia, a targeted youth support practitioner and have worked with children and their families for a number of years, supporting them with complex difficulties such as behaviour management and emotional regulation. 

I have a BSc and MSc in Forensic Psychology and am passionate about supporting young people and their families who experience challenges such as ADHD, autism and anxiety.

About Georgia 

Completing my degrees in Forensic Psychology nurtured my passion for ‘rooting for the underdog’ and opened my eyes to the challenges people with neurodiversity face. 


After finishing my masters, I spent two years in residential childcare, working with some of the most vulnerable young people in the country, supporting them to reach their best potential. This also encouraged me to be preventative in my work, and led me to work with families in the early stages of their challenges and put a strong support system in place and empower them to develop coping strategies.


I have often been told by parents that their child will be unlikely to make progress or even talk to me, yet meeting them on their level highlights that when we give children patience and remove any judgement, we provide them with the environment to thrive. 


I have completed a number of specialist training courses for understanding and managing ADHD, autism and anxiety and have experienced first hand the behaviours children with these diagnoses can present.

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