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Parenting Courses

Family Walking

Includes access to the following topics:

  • Discover what is really behind your child's emotions;

  • How to strengthen your relationship with them;

  • How to discipline effectively to empower your child;

  • Delve deeper into your past and how it is affecting your parenting

  • How to raise an Authentic and Resilient child

  • How to design a blueprint to become the parent you want to be!


  • Free Guided Journal (Editable pdf.) included

All modules included when you sign up for any Coaching Package

Happy Family

In this workshop access our 'No More' webinar series including:


  • No More Shouting!

  • No More Homework Hassle!

  • No More Tantrums!

AND The Hugely Popular:


Included when you sign up for any Coaching Package

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